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Artists Directory: Architects and Designers Page


Catalogue listings of architects are linked to home pages if existing. For information on how to be listed or how to have your own page e-mail @ArtsGloucester - Write "@ArtsGloucester listings" in subject box.

Notice, A message about Architects: Architects are required to be licensed by
the Division of Professional Licensure of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
If you have a question about an architect or architectural firm, contact the
Mass Board of Registration of ArchitectsDivision of Professional Licensure,
Board of Registration of Architects,
239 Causeway Street,
Boston, MA 02114.
Telephone: 617 727-3072 or

Cape Ann area code: 978

Cape Ann Design Group Gloucester - 978 283-6998
Design Drafting Services - Rockport 978 546-9808
Dugger J. S. AIA & Associates Architects - 25 Beach Rd, Gloucester 978 283-9350
Fisher George D., AIA - Fisher Associates, Four Colona Rd., Rockport 978 546-9282
Holt Stephen R. Architects - 13 Central St. Manchester 978 526-1281
McManus Chas H. - 84 Main St. Gloucester 978 283-8728
Mitnic RI - Gloucester 978 283-7579
Monell Donald F. AIA - 11 Pleasant St. Gloucester 978 283-1484
Northeast Technology - 19 Norman Ave. Magnolia 978 525-3264
Stopfel Architects - 17 R Railroad Ave. Rockport 978 546-2504
Swanson Scott M. H. Essex, MA 978 768 7421
Tedesco Edward J. AIA - Souther Rd. Gloucester 283-9154
Thurman Timothy - Treehouse Design, Inc. 14 Great Hill Rd., Gloucester 978 281-6677
Warren Lowell A., AIA - 18 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, 978-281-3443 978

Art & Industry Guild- a group of designers, craftsmen, furniture builders & studio artists working out of a cooperative .
For further information Email: Tim Thurman

AIAOnline on the Web The American Institute of Architects, in conjunction with TeleBuild, L.C., is pleased to provide AIA members with free, unlimited access to the new AIAOnline website effective August 1, 1996.

Boston Society of Architects - The BSA is the professional association of architects, allied professionals, and lay people in Massachusetts. The BSA is the largest and one of the most active chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Don't forget to check out the @ ArtsGloucester Community Directory - for Urban planning and development resources & ArtLinks for other Architectural Resources online.

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