Your team working together must choose a title of the site that is catchy. You want people to want to visit your site so make the title inviting. Your title will appear on the main page, which will establish the links to your first homepage. Make sure you give your title to the "BigMaMa Computer Station" operator a the head of the room. "WHAT?", you ask? That just means, give CyberLadies helping you out here your title and first page file name. (xxhome.html)


  • Pick a three digit code to start each of your html files names. ie: xxxcity.html

  • Keep each file name to contain no more than 8 characters not including ,html. ie: xxx45678.html

  • Make sure your <Body color links work and text colors can be read against background color. Have your Art Director of the group help in this area.

  • There must be 1 and no more than 3 images on a page, not including the WIT images on the bottom of the page which will be provided for you to cut and paste from the "BigMaMa" training page.

  • Write a short first paragraph, which describes that pages content. The first page paragraph of your site should describe what will be found on the whole site. (Remember Keywords!)

  • First page should have a directory to "hyper links" your other page titles to each page.

  • Write interesting content and have your talented writers review. Check spelling!

  • You must have at least two or three links to other sites on the internet.

  • Each page must have a menu bar at the bottom of the page (Find "Menu Bar" on the BigMaMa training page to copy and paste if needed.

  • Each page must have your credits and copyright of who designed the site: members of your web team. Dot.Com company...

  • Each page must have the WIT icon which links back to the WIT Homepage.

  • Save a copy of your site to your floppy disk

  • Make one copy of your site to your floppy disk

  • Make one copy of the full web site and turn into the BigMaMa space control center.

  • Congratulations, you are now Cyber Cadet Webmasters!!!! :6)

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