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Catalogue listings of art's educational & enrichment resources - linked to home pages if existing. For information on how to be listed or how to have your own page e-mail email

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ArtsGloucester - Funding and Foundation Listings

Gloucester School Connection
Provides funding to support projects that enhance the breadth and quality of our school programs. The Connection will be a bridge between school and home and school and the community for the purpose of sustaining confidence in our schools.

The Technology Opportunities Program (TOP),
formerly known as the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program, is a highly-competitive, merit-based grant program that brings the benefits of an advanced national information infrastructure to communities throughout the United States. TOP grants play an important role in realizing the vision of an information society by demonstrating practical applications of new telecommunications and information technologies to serve the public interest.

ERICA, an international award to help non-profits develop and realizetheir visions through the power of the Internet, will provide generous funding and support -- bridging the worlds of non-profits, web technology and Internet community-building. The competition is open to all charitable not-for-profit organizations (U.S. 501(c) (3) or equivalent).

The combined value of the prize is $250,000 (U.S), including $100,000(U.S) donated by Ericsson and $150,000 (U.S) in services donated by leading web development companies.

Philanthropy News Digest - Special Issue: Resources in the Arts
The Foundation Center has just released the all-new 6th edition of the National Guide to Funding in Arts and Culture! This 1,000+ page directory features the most current information on over 7,500 foundations, corporate direct giving programs, and public charities that have a history of awarding grants to arts and culture related projects and organizations!

Your Guide to Foundation, Corporate and Government Support for Telecommunications and The New Media

The Cisco Foundation
Funds organizations in the community that provide education, generate and sustain community service, or meet basic human needs. The Foundation focuses on those programs that extend useful innovation and attempt to make lasting positive change.

Getty's ArtsEdNet
An online service developed by the Getty Education Institute for the Arts, supports the needs of the K-12 arts education community. It focuses on helping arts educators, general classroom teachers using the arts in their curriculum, museum educators.

The National Arts and Education Information Network. The Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge - Linking the Arts and Education Through Technology. Space for Students to share their own creative accomplishments and participate in on-line arts-based interactive areas. Interactive opportunities for members of the arts and education communities to share information and ideas.

The Arts on the Web from MASSARTSED

Cultural Funding Federal Opportunities
A National Endowment for the Arts online resource of Federal funding available for arts initiatives through national, state and local funding programs.

Essex County Community Foundation
Encompassing scope - that initiatives and funding are directed to nonprofits in social services, arts, education, conservation and preservation.

Weekly Funding Update - City of Boston
The weekly Funding Update is a listing of funding opportunities, recent grant awards, announcements, and news from local, state, federal and private sources. The Update is free and available on this website or by email.

Arts Wire is a communications network for the arts community that has, at its core, the strong voices of artists a and community-based cultural groups.

Edited and published by Richard Gardner, the always useful ART DEADLINES LIST -- is a monthly listing of opportunities for artists, including competitions, contests, call for entries/papers, grants, scholarships, fellowships, jobs, and internships. There is a yearly fee for subscriptions, but some opportunities are available without subscription.

OpenStudio the Arts Online
Open Studio: The Arts Online is a national initiative of the Benton Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts. We provide Internet access and training to artists and nonprofit arts organizations to ensure that the communications environment of the 21st century thrives as a source of creative excellence and diversity.

3Com Urban Challange
In July 1999, 3Com, in partnership with The United States Conference of Mayors, created the Urban Challenge program, an innovative partnership that rewards forward-thinking cities with $100,000 grants in 3Com systems and services for technology initiatives designed to improve residents' lives. As the leader in advanced Ethernet, wireless, LAN telephony and remote access solutions for education, 3Com is determined to help the nation's public schools bridge the growing digital divide among urban communities.

Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project
Route 66. It conjures up all kinds of images. Route 66. An artery linking much of the nation. Route 66. An inspiration to literature, music, drama, art, and a nation of dreamers. Route 66. A highway fashioned from vision and ingenuity. Route 66. It has forever meant "going somewhere."
-Michael Wallis, Route 66: The Mother Road

CommunityLearning Network - Educational Listservs
Here are resources, and some links to resources, which will provide teachers with information which will allow them to make effective use of listservs. These resources/links fall into four categories.

The Foundation Center
Grantmaker Information: Includes annotated links (more than 150) to grantmaker Web sites and our newest initiative, "Foundation Folders," a free no-frills hosting service for foundations. The Fundraising Process: The nuts-and-bolts of the funding research process. Includes a glossary of terms, our popular Proposal Writing Short Course, a prospect worksheet, and downloadable common grant application forms.

implemented the ACA Catalog, a description of well over a hundred titles that can further your interests or provide practical answers on managing a career in the arts, measuring the impact of art education on students, exploring the issues of "cultural diversity", and many other timely topics.

WIT (Women In Technology Summer Camp, Randolph VT.)
Students web site design projects from the summer tech camp at WIT taught by Jo-Ann Castano, Castano Design Associates, Gloucester, MA. Jr. High school level class program.

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