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Vermont Technical College "Women In Technology Project", HomePage Development: Introduction to the internet, search engines, HTML editing, design, site design and navigation. Mentor for the WIT Telementoring Program.

Connecticut Architecture Foundation, Inc.'s Architecture Resource Center, (ARC), Hartford, CT, Polarized Built Environment Sculpture project for First Night Hartford - 1994 and 1995 Celebrations. Workshop conducted for public participation in the creation of a 38"x 12' wall module polarized light sculpture (Approx. 300 participants). Demonstrated the principles of polarized light and it's interaction with birefringent plastics to teachers, students and architects who collaboratively acted as facilitators for the event

Vermont Technical College "Women In Technology Project", Rutland, VT: Polarized Kinetic Light Sculpture workshop for high school and junior high school students participating in summer college camp program.

The New York Hall of Science, NY, NY : Workshop demonstrations for museum visitors, adults and children.

Point Neighborhood Day-Care Center, Salem, MA: Pre school - 6th grade, developed program proposal, funding and taught arts education program.

Salem Jail, Salem , MA: Art workshops conducted in house for incarcerated inmates.

Art Colloquium Inc., Salem MA: Developed programs for arts education and taught workshops for exceptionally bright and gifted youths at the Phoenix Enrichment School, Salem, MA.

Danvers State Hospital - Centerpoint. Danvers. MA: Art Therapy, clients were young adolescents with severe emotional problems.

Art to People, Inc., Middleton, MA: Art workshops for youth at risk, pre teen and high school for local schools, social service organizations and Division of Youth Services (DYS).

Waterbury State Hospital: Art workshops for adolescents, adults and geriatrics, Waterbury, VT.

Teaching practicum: Middle school and high school, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT.

Teaching experience also includes private lessons for young adults and adults. Numerous workshops, demonstrations and lectures conducted at schools, colleges and prisons in and around the north shore area of MA.





Goddard College - BA, Plainfield, VT 1975

  • International School of Training, Brattleboro, VT 1974
  • Study abroad, Marianni Foundaria, Pietrasanta, Italy 1974
  • Study abroad, Stamparia, Pietrasanta, Italy 1974
  • Johnson State College, Johnson, VT 1971 - 1972
    Silvermine College of Art, New Canaan, CT 1970 - 1971
    Certificate: Grantsmanship - Massasoit State College, Brockton, MA 1978
    Certificate:- HTML Homepage Development - Salem State College, Salem, MA 1995



    West End Gallery, Gloucester, MA Polarized Kinetic Light Sculpture- solo 1997
    West End Gallery, Gloucester, MA 1995, 1996, 1997
    Luminous Visions Gallery, Carmel, CA 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
    Polarized Sculpture Built Environment, First Night Hartford, Architecture Resource Center, Hartford, CT 1994, 1995
    Barn Workshop "Artists Collective", Danvers, MA 1993
    Spring Works The Pull of Kinetics II, New York Hall of Science, NYC 1993
    Hynes Auditorium, Represented by Polaroid Corporation, Boston, MA 1992
    Artist Access Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NYC 1992
    Silvermine Galleries, Invitational, New Canaan, CT 1991
    EBAC 4th Annual Arts Festival, 1st Prize, E. Bridgewater, MA 1991
    Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverly, MA 1987
    Printworks, Madison, CT 1984
    Barn Workshop Gallery, Danvers, MA 1982
    Signals, Marks & Messages, Art Colloquium Gallery, Salem, MA 1981
    Art Colloquium Gallery, Salem, MA 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
    Art Colloquium Gallery, Brockton, MA 1977, 1978
    Governors' Conference, Boston, MA 1979
    Art To People, Inc., Middleton, MA 1976
    Festa de I'Unita, Monte di Pasta, Massa, Italy 1975
    Sculturi & Artigiani Centro Storico, Pietrasanta, Italy 1975
    Fantasy and Reality, Goddard College, Solo, Plainfield, VT. 1974



    Aaron Home Inspection, and Innes Architectural Design Associates; Co-founder, Gloucester, MA 1983 - present

    Cybro.Com - Homepage development company; founder, Gloucester, MA 1996 to present

    @ArtsGloucester, Cyber Community Cultural Arts Center, WWW, Gloucester, MA, founder, publisher and editor. 1996- present

    Twin Dragons Software, Gloucester, MA - html editing, training staff in html. in html editing of NorthWest Airlines - Japan internet site. 1997

    Yale University Art Gallery, in conjunction with the teachers symposium for the exhibition I, Claudia : Women in Ancient Rome- Slide presentation and talk of Pietrasanta, Italy's marble carving and bronze industry including demonstration of marble carving and tools. 1996
    Cove Communications (ISP) free-lance hompage developer. Rendering of HTML code internet homepage development. Logo, graphic design and site design for clients. Comfortable with internet access, use of macintosh computers and design programs. Salem, MA 1996, 1997
    Yale University Communiversity Day, "Polarized Sculpture" Workshop/demonstration sponsored by Connecticut Architecture Foundation's Architecture Resource Center (ARC), New Haven, Ct., 1994
    Vermont Inst. of Science, Math & Technology, Vermont Technical College. Workshop Instructor, "Polarized Sculpture" Women in Technology Summer Camp, funded by the National Science Foundation and the Polaroid Corporation, VTC, Randolph, VT 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996
    Aaron Home Inspection, Gloucester, MA - Established in 1983
    Arts Lottery Council, Salem, MA, Founder and Chairman 1982, 1983
    Art Colloquium Inc., Founder, Executive Director, Salem, MA 1978 - 1983
    MA Council on the Arts & Humanities, North East Panel member, Boston, MA 1981
    New England Conference on Community Arts, Panel speaker 1978
    Symposium - Social Impact of Federally Funded Art in MA & RI, Fuller Art Museum, Co-coordinator, speaker, Brockton, MA 1978
    Art Colloquium, Arts Center & Residency Program for Artists, Founder & Grants Recipient for projects in Brockton, Salem and Newburyport, MA 1977
    Independent. study in stone carving, Studio de Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy 1975



    Polarized Built Environment Sculpture Project - First Night Hartford, CT 1993, 1994 Installation and workshop conducted for the public participation (approx. 300 people) in the construction of a public polarized light sculpture in conjunction with Hartford First Night `94. The project was funded by the Connecticut Academy for Education in Mathematics, Science & Technology, the Polaroid Corporation and administered through the Connecticut Architecture Foundation, Inc.'s Architecture Resource Center, (ARC).
    Art Colloquium Inc. Project 1977 - 1983, Managed approx. one million dollars in Hud Small Cities Grant, 1% for the Arts 1982, HUD Community Development Block Grant 1981, Comprehensive Employment & Training Act Grant 1977, 1979, 1981, Salem Arts Council Grant 1977



    International Sculpture Center , Washington, D.C.
    YLEM : Artists Using Science and Technology, Orinda, CA
    Leonardo (ISAST) : International Society For The Arts, Science & Technology, Berkeley, CA
    ASCI: Art & Science Collaborations, Inc., NY, NY
    Do While Studio: Boston, MA
    New England Artists Trust (directory)
    SBSB: Small Business Service Bureau Inc., Worcester, MA



    Luminous Visions Gallery, 3rd Floor, Suite 301, Carmel Plaza, Carmel, CA 93921 Tel. 408 626-6842
    West End Gallery, 33 Main Street, Gloucester MA 01930 Tel. 508 282-4896

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