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Polarized Kinetic Light Sculpture: An Art Laboratory

Polarized Kinetic Light Sculpture is a result of scientific innovation. Castano's work links artistic traditions of color and form with the application of new materials. Light, motion, birefringent plastics and polarizing films allow her to explore the forms, the imagery and the ambiguities of the visual dimension. When the artist carves into stone or cuts into light, she can become one in the same. Some cultures may call it the dream world. In this phenomenon images travel freely and can be made of forms, combined forms and ambiguities. In Castano's work; form starts with emotions driving her in a particular direction. Images appear, reverse, shadow, color, blend, fade and reappear. Visual ambiguities appear, balance and dissolve. Her images, whether fish, flesh, fowl, or fertile, are rooted in the real world but are expressed in the connections of light to motion, to image, and to life of mind within.


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