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                     Rhapsody of the God Fish

Ah the Omnipresence of Eros

Sultans had harems and still do

Krishna had cowgirls and his favorite Radha

Monarchs had Gymnasiums of Erotica

Emperors had the exquisite bold Arts of Geishas

Kings had Sacred Virgins

Queens had stallions at call

Clinton in his clandestine Reign

Coronated X-rated ongoing movies of the millennium

in perpetuity

A slave of his libido

President of the mightiest Empire

ever on Earth

the Supreme Playboy

blessing kneepadded worshippers

at the Fountain of this creation

target of the Media and revengers

the Frigid stil at the spine of the Nation

Nothing is above the irrepressible evangelical

Dynamo of sex

Only Love understands

and never judges!

Commander in Chief a Prisoner to lies

the sin against this Social Crusader

and the Dream of a United States of the Planet

O the Rapture in the Eye of the God Fish!

                                      VINCENT FERRINI

Ferrini Signiture

Ani Ma

Breathing me
If I betray you
I trap my self
to an alien condition

Ani Ma

Daimon & travail
by telepathies
to you
in the others

Ani Ma

Your summons by Chance
& affinity
stirring me through
forests of shadows

Ani Ma

Joy springs from

Ani Ma

Annihilation flees
we dovetail
the divided

Ani Ma

Beloved Companion
as you are married
am I
O initiating Ani Ma
this Communion

Vincent Ferrini

Please contact Vincent via snail mail @
126 E. Main Street
Gloucester, Ma. 01930
Comments, Epiphanies and Insights most welcome!
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